German Lager – 6.1%

A delightful Oktoberfest libation. A smooth malty character balanced with a touch of hops.


Blonde Ale – 5.1%

Crisp beer with low notes of malt, toast, and cereal

Star Gazer

New England IPA – 6.1%

Juicy, pillowy New England IPA that is packed with the flavor and aroma of citrus and tropical fruit

Variable Conditions

Kettle Sour – 4.9%

Smooth base sour with a hint of tartness. Great candidate for flavors

Tripping Hazard

Belgian Tripel – 9.3%

Belgian ale featuring complex notes of clove and pepper with a floral finish

South Lawn

Honey Ale – 6.5%

Pays homage to a White House recipe developed in 2012.  Full bodied ale with a kiss of honey


Belgian Wit – 6.5%

Wheat beer with a bright base, an earthy sweetness and a touch of spice

Base Layer

Hard Seltzer – 5.3%

Unflavored hard seltzer that is crisp, clean, and ready for flavors

Off the Grid

Imperial Stout – 9.9%

Rich, dark roasted malt character with notes of chocolate and coffee that balances bitter with sweet